mandag den 3. november 2008

About the Quilt in the header

The quilt in the header was made for one of our friends, he has a boat for fishing and likes very much to spend time on the water.

Before I got to his quilt, I've made a quilt for his wife, Gitte my very good friend for many years. She has been bragging (hope that's the right word for someone who keeps telling me to do this and that and I want a quilt etc ) She is like that and it is all done in a friendly tone. When she turned 40, she got her quilt. The crazy blocks was made out of fabric for curtains, very slippery. I didn't know any bether then. I quilted it on my old Bernina and she was very happy and actually surprised when she got it.

The family, Gitte, Lars (husbond) and Mikkel their son just love to lie on the sofa with a good fire in the fireplace and then having a blanket on top. Now Gitte has the quilt with woolen fleece on back of it. Mikkel complained and borrowed it when ever he could find a way for it. I then made Mikkel's quilt, he's a "cowboy" and when I found some fabric with horses, I just knew, that was for Mikkel. He too was very happy to get a quilt. In the bottom left and top right corner is photos of Mikkel on horseback.

Lars is now the only one, who hasn't got a quilt of his own. He hasn't complained about it, but obviously he should have one too. And it's here the log cabin quilt came to "life". It had to be boats and I chose blue batiks for the log and the boat in red to lighten up the quilt. On the back is soft red fleece. I have sworn not to use that any more, because it tends to wrinkle, but I couldn't help it, the colour was just perfect for the quilt.

Lars didn't have a clue and he was very very happy about it. Only problem now is that Mikkel has grown and his quilt hasn't. So the next quilt for will have to be a new one for him.

The picture of Lars' quilt is taken, where he has his boat. we too have our boat placed here. It's a simple place with a lot of small cottages and sheds, where people can warm them selfes, make a cup of coffe, get a bite to eat or just a place to keep the tools for fishing.
Both Lars' and Mikkel's quilts are designed in EQ, I would be happy to mail the file for those you want that.
That's the story of the quilt in my header.
In Danish: Hvis du vil have historien om quilten øverst på bloggen, så klik ind på og find mit galleri.

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  1. Thank you for telling the story about your quilts. I don't have EQ but I'm thinking of asking my DH for it for Christmas. Your quilts are beautiful and your friends are very blessed to have you for a friend.


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